It is here! The course you’ve all been waiting for: IQTEFL is complete and in the final stages of accreditation ready for launching in the next few weeks.

The IQTEFL is a 120-hours course that will be available to learners worldwide who would like to achieve a recognised, accredited qualification that demonstrates that they are proficient English Language Teachers (ELTs).

Why did we want to make our own TEFL course?

We recognise there many options currently available for obtaining a TEFL certificate, however, we know from our experience running IQBar that many teachers feel that their courses were not sufficient. We recognise that English language teaching is moving away from just classroom learning into the online environment and so produced a course that fully prepares all teachers for the demands of online and classroom teaching.

Studies show that online course completion can be 8% lower on average than those of face-to-face teacher-led classes. We aim to break this trend by including a high level of support for students and as we are a teaching company, some may end up being successful Buddies with us. 

We surveyed our own Buddies earlier in the year about their own experiences of the TEFL course they completed. In total, the teachers we surveyed had studied with 18 different TEFL course providers in a mixture of online and classroom environments. It was interesting to note that 70% of those surveyed had completed their TEFL certificate with an online provider. 

Of those who had studied online, the majority (over 90%) indicated the course material was just reading material with very little interaction. Less than a third said there was any interaction with tutors or other students via online forums. Over a third were assessed only via multiple-choice quizzes. 

When asked “was there anything missing from your course that would have been beneficial?” the common suggestions were:

  • It wasn’t in-depth enough
  • There was no feedback
  • If you got an answer wrong, you could just keep trying until you got it correct
  • There was very little content about online learning
  • Discussion with other people taking the course would have been nice
  • More guidance from tutors
  • There was very little about classroom management skills
  • More grammar explanation would be useful
  • The level of accreditation was not clear

This initial research formed the basis of our course development. By talking to people who had recently completed a TEFL and from our own experience of helping our teachers develop their skills we were able to tailor this course to what teachers need and want from a TEFL course.  

What is in it?

The course includes aspects of relevant teaching theory as well as many opportunities and examples of how to put this theory into practice. Online courses can often lack this practical practice element and we wanted to rectify this by incorporating classroom practice in an online environment. 

There are ten modules in total:

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Learners of English
  • Module 3 – Role of the Teacher
  • Module 4 – Developing Language Awareness
  • Module 5 – Understanding English Grammar
  • Module 6 – Lesson Preparation
  • Module 7 – Classroom Management
  • Module 8 – Teaching Receptive Skills
  • Module 9 – Teaching Productive Skills
  • Module 10 – Assessment and Feedback

The modules were developed and evaluated by our own Buddies, thank you to everyone who helped at all. Many of you helped with the initial ideas and testing and we would not be here without your help. 

How can you sign up?

If you, or someone you know is looking to complete a TEFL certificate that is accredited then keep an eye on our website and social media as some great offers will be released soon.